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Play Medieval Shark
Medieval Shark
Part shark, part human and the only one who could save the world from death.
Play Feed Us 3
Feed Us 3
The vicious piranha is back! Guide him as complete each level requirements and keep...
Play New York Shark
New York Shark
The crazy shark of destruction strikes again - this time in New York. Chomp your way...
Play Shark Attack 2
Shark Attack 2
Swim to next island as fast as you can and be sure not to be on the water while the...
Play Hungry Fish
Hungry Fish
Help the hungry young shark find food to satiate his needs. Keep him away from big...
Play Moby Dick 2
Moby Dick 2
Moby Dick is back. Destroy ships out to get him and eat their crew alive to teach...
Play Paranormal Shark Activity
Paranormal Shark Activity
Aim for the highest possible score by surviving the shark attack. The, gigantic...
Play Aukamua
The destructive nature of man angered the shark god, Aukamua. Awaken from a long...
Play Wind Fall
Wind Fall
Your vessel ended up in the middle of a massive storm. To turn things around, you...
Play Surfivor
Save a bunch of surfers from shark attacks by playing god and sending waves to send...
Play Shark Puzzle
Shark Puzzle
A shark jigsaw puzzle with multiple difficulty levels.
Play Jaws
Kill jaws with your harpoon while ensuring your safety while doing it.
Play Saver
Men overboard on shark infested water. Lots of them. You are tasked to save them by...
Play Shark Attack
Shark Attack
Rescue men overboard with your sailboat while keeping away from sharks and making...
Play Shark Bait
Shark Bait
Enjoy 15 different levels of Shark-tastic challenge.
Play Deadly Jaws
Deadly Jaws
Play the Deadly Jaws and survive the reef by eating fishes, turtles and seals and...
Play Mad Shark
Mad Shark
A really mad shark is what you are going to be controlling. He is a bit fragile so...
Play Miami Shark
Miami Shark
Holy moly a shark is bringing down the plane! If you are flying over Miami then you...
Play Sydney Shark
Sydney Shark
This is an awesome shark game! Go completely crazy in Syndey, you can bite people,...
Play Shark Mountain
Shark Mountain
A Great White Shark is living on top of a mountain and is under attack from the... is the home of Shark Games.

Shark Games
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