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Play Fishy Waters
Fishy Waters
Catch and sell fish to upgrade your boat so you can explore the deeper parts of the...
Play Feed Us Lost Island
Feed Us Lost Island
Furious and angry, our piranha friend is spotted again and ready to wreck havoc on...
Play Feed Us 4
Feed Us 4
Escape from the plane and wreck havoc on a tropical river with lots of unsuspecting...
Play Feed Us 2
Feed Us 2
A revamp to the first Feed Us game. This time around, you get to complete certain...
Play Feed Us
Feed Us
The first of the successful Feed Us Series.

Destroy every living and breathing...

Play Diving Fish Hunter
Diving Fish Hunter
Hunt fishes in the deep sea and avoid sharks as much as possible for they are...
Play Evolvo Plus
Evolvo Plus
A small fry dreams of becoming king of the sea. Help it dodge bigger fish and eat...
Play Ocean Odyssy
Ocean Odyssy
EAt minor fishes and escalate to big ones as you grow bigger and bigger but do not...
Play Shark Vs Swimmers
Shark Vs Swimmers
Sort the swimmers from the shark so no swimmers will ever get harmed till a rescue...
Play Be the Shark
Be the Shark
Hunt all clown fish in the middle of the ocean but be careful as the ocean is filled...
Play Seals Vs Sharks
Seals Vs Sharks
Seals and sharks are not really the best of pals. Help this seal get through his...
Play Shark Valentine
Shark Valentine
It is the fourteenth of February and shark mast fill his heart shaped container with...
Play Fish and Destroy
Fish and Destroy
Eat smaller fishes and shoot up the big ones like sharks and bomb fish.
Play Evolvo
A feeding frenzy type game where you start off as a small fry till you evolve into...
Play Shark Ball
Shark Ball
Destroy all blocks with the ricocheting shark ball in this arkanoid based game set...
Play Save the Army from the Blue Shark
Save the Army from the Blue Shark
Save the paratroopers who got accidentally deployed in the middle of the shark...
Play Youda Fisherman
Youda Fisherman
After the fishing empire of a mad scientist got destroyed, you have been asked to...
Play Petunia Balance
Petunia Balance
A balancing act that would cost him his life, Petunia Balance is a quick, fun and...
Play Plug that Pipe
Plug that Pipe
In the middle of the Atlantic lies a leaky pipe spewing harmful crude oil into the...
Play Stork Shot
Stork Shot
In a mission to save the world from over population, you are sent by the government...
Play Boot Stick Shark
Boot Stick Shark
Brought out of cloning from the lab of a mad scientist, Boot Stick Shark got out...
Play Parachute Panic
Parachute Panic
Save paratroopers falling from the sky and into shark infested waters with just a...
Play Fish Dodge
Fish Dodge
Collect shells, evade mines and sharks in Fish Dodge. Only the fittest can survive...
Play Little Fish In a Big Sea
Little Fish In a Big Sea
This game is something like frogger.You have to guide a fish swim through shark...
Play Sea Snake
Sea Snake
Chasing after an unfortunate fish, the sea snake must brave the high seas and get...
Play Gooo Fishing
Gooo Fishing
Catch fishes, avoid sharks and floating tires.
Play Shark Trampolines
Shark Trampolines
Save falling people from imminent death from shark attack with a lowly trampoline.
Play Swappers Shark Tale
Swappers Shark Tale
Use the mouse to piece the puzzle together. Use the picture on the upper right side...
Play Shark Hunter 2
Shark Hunter 2
Dodge sharks and jelly fishes out to get your brains.
Play Sharks Revenge
Sharks Revenge
Dodge harpoons and take your revenge by biting heads off those divers.
Play Shark with Wheels
Shark with Wheels
Avoid incoming rocks for as long as you can.
Play Shark Rampage
Shark Rampage
Get rid of attackers using your sharp teeth and almost indestructible physique.
Play Shark the Fisherman
Shark the Fisherman
With a limited time, catch divers for food.
Play Shark Coloring 1
Shark Coloring 1
Color the shark pic the way you want to. is the home of Shark Games.

Shark Games
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